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Road Plates, Mats, and Megamats

PLASTICMP hold a prestigious reputation worldwide, with experience in logistic solutions for the global market. Our products are manufactured in the Netherlands.

All of our products are manufactured with silicopolymer (SP) technology which enables the recycling of LDPE/mix and contaminated plastic waste. This eco-friendly technology reduces the plastic waste mountains by recycling thousands of tons of plastic waste/year. 

Used for industrial site access, our temporary mats provide stable and strong surfaces for any type of terrain and weather. Manufactured and engineered in the Netherlands, our mats can be used as access mats, working platforms, rig mats, and temporary roadways. 

SP mats are designed for all site conditions; soft, sensitive or uneven terrain to support heavy-duty transport, construction machinery and maintenance vehicles like forklifts, cranes, excavators, concrete mixers, low-loading trucks and other equipment.

SP mats, easy to unload, install, and clean, will definitely fit your budget. 

SP mats are designed for both vehicles and pedestrians with anti-slip and anti-skid surface texture. They can be also used with fasteners such as nails, screws and staples.

SP mats are elastic, moisture-resistant, rot-resistant, antifungal, low flame-spread, slip-resistant and recyclable. They are resistant to water, petroleum and all kinds of chemicals, they never rot and rust.

In the near future, the products with silicopolymer recycling technology will replace those made from metals, plastics, cement and wood.  


Our SP pallets are produced by silicopolymer technology patented by ERPLASTIC. They are environmentally friendly, economically advantageous, more durable, resistant against impact, long-life and have higher tonnage capacity compared to those made from wood and plastic.

ISPM 15, IPPC and PEFC requirements for wooden pallets are not required for our pallets.

SP pallets are resistant to water, petroleum and all kinds of chemicals, they never rot and rust. They are moisture-proof, climate-proof and suitable for pressure-washing or steam-cleaning. 

They never absorb water and they don’t require fumigation or heat treatment against insects or germs. They are bug-proof and hygienic therefore safe for food-storing and food-shipping. 

For environmental concern, SP pallets produced with silicopolymer  technology will replace those made from plastic, and wood quite soon.

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